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Featured Craft Beers

Clark's Copper Amber Ale

This beer is in honor of Clarkdale. It has a medium body with toffee flavor and slight hints of chocolate.

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Atomic 29 West Coast IPA

West Coast IPA that has more of a bitterness and is clearer in appearance, with a deep orange hue and a slight chill haze.

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Hop Deposits Hazy IPA

Unfiltered, New England IPA that is light, flavorful, and packed with tons of citrus aromas that supports a silky malt backbone

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Slag Out Stout

Semi-sweet Milk Stout pours that dark like copper slag, with a cream-colored head. It has the aroma of roasted espresso and rich chocolate,

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Smelter Town Brewery

Smelter Town Brewery delivers finely crafted beers, brewed with passion and creativity, all while representing the community of Clarkdale, Arizona. 


With each innovative beer poured, Smelter Town Brewery remembers the commitment, creativity and passion that goes into the craftsmanship of brewing. 

We are located in the same building as the Park Hotel. 

Enjoy Our Snacks
Pretzel Bites.png

Snack on some pretzel bites with

beer cheese while drinking a nice

cold craft beer.

Book A Room

We have 8 revitalized rooms in the same building. Book a room at one of Arizona's first Bed and Brews!

Crowlers To Go

Grab a 16oz, or 32 oz crowler to go of any of our beers in our taproom. 

Call ahead or walk in!