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Meet The Team

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Craig & Becky Backus


Craig and Becky were raised in the Verde Valley, married in 1988, and throughout their years here have been invested in the community. They raised two daughters in Clarkdale and are members of the Clarkdale Downtown Business Alliance. Smelter Town Brewery wouldn’t be here if not for the hard work these two have put in. 


Tim Godin

Head Brewer

Tim transplanted to Cottonwood, Arizona in 2010 from Charleston, South Carolina. The beautiful terrain, small town community and history of the area were just a few deciding factors for the move. The opportunity to work in the local wine industry was the most exciting ingredient to begin a new chapter. 


Upon settling in Cottonwood, Tim began the long term career in the local wine industry, where many life long relationships were created, a passion for all things fermented became a part of his day to day life. 


Many years later, while the craft beer industry was just taking off, Tim had a chance to delve into the work of learning about craft beers and the many styles of beer. He began furthering his interest in craft beer and decided to begin home brewing. Many days turned into nights were spent in his garage producing some amazing craft beers. His amazing success and delicious beers became a hit around town. 


Tim’s other passions include disk golfing with his local friends, raising his young daughter, spending time with his family and collecting concert posters. 


Allyn Backus

General Manager

Allyn is the daughter of Craig and Becky, and spent her childhood right here in Clarkdale. The people, history, and natural beauty of this town have kept her around with the intentions of always calling it home. Witnessing her parents develop the Smelter Town Brewery/Park Hotel project (and contributing what she could herself) has been quite the adventure and the next step of opening and running the two businesses is going to be an even bigger one.


After working in the bar industry in Scottsdale and Old Town Cottonwood for several years, Allyn grew a love for working with the public and creating a fun, comfortable atmosphere for her customers. She additionally worked in the Parks and Recreation Department for the Town of Clarkdale for over two years, spending most of that time planning events. She plans to bring her customer service, management organization, and event planning expertise together to run Smelter Town Brewery and keep everyone coming through those doors!


Allyn’s other passions include hanging with her dogs and her man, chilling by the Verde River on a sunny day, and true

crime podcasts. 

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